Stefan Urosevic

Stefan Urosevic

Stefan is an AHPRA registered Clinical Psychologist. He is also a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the APS Clinical College.

Stefan’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Major in Biochemistry), Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, and Master of Psychology (Clinical). He has completed extensive training in psychometric assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing management of adolescents and adults. Stefan has worked in private practice, outpatient treatment, community outreach, and acute inpatient hospital care.

Stefan’s perspective is that there are many reasons that can lead to a person to reach out for help. People can feel stuck, hopeless, and like there is something wrong with them. Sometimes we find ourselves doing things that are unhelpful or even harmful to us or others. There are situations and relationships that are difficult or past trauma that has really affected us. And sometimes, it can just feel like there is something missing.

Whatever the issue, individuals want a therapist who will be there for them, carefully listen and understand, be empathic, and help them solve their problems so that they reach their destination and achieve their goals. As a Clinical Psychologist, Stefan is an empathic and dedicated practitioner who seeks to provide a safe, non-judgemental, and private environment in which you can feel free to speak about difficult and personal issues. Sessions will be tailored to your needs and completed at a pace that is right for you and can include anything from problem-solving and scientifically validated strategies to just feeling heard and getting some things off your chest.

Areas of Interest and Specialty

Perfectionism Anxiety, Stress, and Depression Low Self-esteem and Confidence “Imposter Syndrome” Shame & Guilt Procrastination Self-harm & Emotion Dysregulation
Issues with Identity and Personality Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Relationships and Communication Worry & Rumination Grief & Loss Addiction & Substance Abuse Existential Issues& Feeling of Emptiness

Therapeutic Approaches

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Motivational Interviewing
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Emotion-Focused Therapy Solution Focused Therapy


Stefan is available only for telehealth consultations ( remotely ) which can be booked at the Mount Gravatt Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic. Please consult with our Doctor Predrag Urosevic for the referral or alternatively, please call our reception on 07 3172 6130 for more information on how to book an appointment with Stefan.

What is Telehealth or Telehealth Services Queensland?

Queensland’s telehealth program enables patients to receive quality care closer to home via telecommunication technology, improving access to specialist healthcare for people in regional communities and reducing the need to travel for specialist advice. Your doctor or treating health professional will determine if telehealth is an appropriate and available option for you based on your individual circumstances.

Benefits of Telehealth

  • Improve patient access to health care.
  • Reduce travel and inconvenience for patients, families, carers and health professionals.
  • Provide health professionals with access to peer support and education.

Read more about Telehealth Queensland here →

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Stefan Urosevic

( AHPRA, APS ) Clinical Psychologist, Mt Gravatt Medical Centre

Dr Predrag Urosevic

( FRACGP, FMASS ) Director of Mt Gravatt Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic

Let us help you reduce your levels of pain, improve your level of activity and restore your quality of life.

Let us help you reduce your levels of pain, improve your level of activity and restore your quality of life.