PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Pain Management

PRP Injection Treatment is an autologous pain treatment derived from your own blood. Paletet-rich Plasma Pain Treatment is a safe and natural alternative to drugs and surgery.
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Accelerate and Enhance Healing

When you’re dealing with an injury to your tendons, or recovering from a sprain or other muscle-related pain, it can be difficult to go about your day without a Non-Surgical Treatment for Muscle Sprains like PRP therapy.

If your job and/or life tends to be an active one, it’s even harder as this muscle pain can make it next to impossible to perform activities. This is why people are now turning towards PRP therapy, which is a non-surgical treatment that treats muscle injury and pain. At Mt Gravatt Medical Centre we are experienced PRP doctors, having helped many people overcome pain and loss of functioning due to musculo-skeletal injuries and osteoarthritis.

What Is Paletet Rich Plasma Treatment?

What is Paletet Rich Plasma treatment?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an innovative treatment using the body’s natural healing process to accelerate and enhance healing.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma, a compound derived from your blood by using a simple process. A sample of your blood is taken and spinned in a centrifugal device. Using aspiration methods, the Platelet Rich Plasma is extracted and spinned it for the second time.

How Are PRP Injections Created?

How are PRP Injections created?

PRP preparation is created in a laboratory. PRP is an autologous blood derivative – it is a component of blood from the same patient that it is used to treat.

First blood is first drawn from the patient, then the platelets are separated from other blood cells through a process called centrifugation. The increased concentrations of platelets are combined with the remaining blood, and applied to the injury through injection.

What Does The Process Involve?

What does the process involve?

After assessing you, A nurse will take your blood (like a normal blood test), which will be spun in a centrifuge to isolate the plasma component.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is activated under a light. Then the PRP is injected directly into the site of injury. The process will take around 45 minutes to one hour. Local anaesthetic is injected 15-20 minutes before or at the same time with PRP injection depending on the injury.

Why PRP Injections Work?

Why PRP Injections Work?

With their bioactive proteins and other healing compounds, PRP injections promote the growth of new cells and help in the regeneration of tissues.

In fact, the PRP serum can also repair old injuries in the muscles and tendons by stimulating the body’s healing responses. It creates new blood vessels in the toughened scar tissue so that repair is accelerated again. PRP treatments may continue to work up to 12 months after being given.

paletet rich plasma injection therapy mt gravatt medical doctor pain management

There are a number of different of ways in which Paletet Rich Plasma PRP therapy is used, with some of the most common being PRP injection knee treatment, PRP injection for face treatment, and PRP injection for hair loss treatment. Here’s a closer look at what each platelet rich plasma therapy involves.

PRP Injection Knee Therapy

PRP Injection Knee Therapy

This is a non-surgical procedure that is meant to help with chronic tendon issues in the knee, as well as osteoarthritis, and muscular injuries.

Knee surgery takes many months of recovery and usually some form of physiotherapy, so the fact that there is a non-surgical procedure with no down time is a huge bonus to many people. And because this is a non-surgical option, you won’t have to worry about any scar tissue building in the knee.

PRP Injections For Lower Back Pain

PRP Injections for Lower Back Pain

People who received intradiscal platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to treat low back pain found a significant improvement in both pain and function.

Intradiscal PRP is an outpatient procedure that uses the patient’s own blood platelet cells to address the underlying issue of disc health, rather than merely alleviate disease symptoms.

PRP Injection For Face Rejuvenation

PRP Injection for Face Rejuvenation

Where in the past people would turn to a face lift in order to get back that youthful look, men and women are now discovering a less-invasive non-surgical option in a PRP injection for face treatment.

In this procedure, multiple tiny injections of your own concentrated blood platelets is made. The collagen beneath your skin is then stimulated as well as your stem cells, which then starts to renew your skin. The end result is that your skin is glowing and youthful looking without any sort of scarring.

PRP Injection For Hair Loss

PRP Injection for Hair Loss

Another exciting treatment avenue is PRP injection for hair loss. The goal of the treatment is to stimulate the growth of hair follicles resulting in a healthy full head of hair. Both men and women are using this treatment. 

Paletet Rich Plasma treatments harness that power to promote hair growth when follicles are present. These quick and affordable injections take just a few minutes, and can be done on you lunch break, and don’t require any downtime.


Results of laser therapy for pain management can often been seen after the first treatment. Most conditions have protocols that range from 6-10 treatments. The treatments are cumulative and are delivered 2-3 times per week for 2-3 weeks.